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Buying a yacht also requires time and careful consideration. It is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Before starting the search, it is imperative to take into account a number of factors. Taking these into consideration also avoids making mistakes when choosing the best yacht for the desired use of the boat. A novice yachtsman should know that a yacht is a real complex mechanism requiring constant investments. Focus on the right way to buy a yacht.

Buying a yacht: defining your needs
Buying a Yatch

The first question you should ask yourself when buying a yacht is: "Why do I need a yacht? Indeed, buying a yacht should start with knowing and determining your real needs. In other words, it is essential to know the desired use of the yacht before proceeding with an actual purchase.
Everyone's intention for the future use of their yacht may be different. And, the choice depends a lot on it.

Think about the desired use of the vessel

For example, for a long sea voyage project, a medium or even large yacht is preferable or even necessary. That is, a vessel that has the necessary space, recreational facilities, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Think about the type of boat that meets your expectations, the possibility of sailing with friends, accommodation in separate cabins.

On the other hand, for a project of navigation in known waters, familiar or close to ports, choose a smaller yacht. A boat with smaller dimensions is the right choice since it can be easily maneuvered. As an inexperienced boater, you will not have trouble navigating and bringing it to any marina.

Consider the amount of time to spend on the yacht

When making your yacht purchase decision, consider the period of time you will spend on the vessel. There is a wide range of boats to choose from based on this factor.
Specifically, depending on your desire, make a selection between the following yachts:

  • Cruise ships: travel, discovery and entertainment
  • Fishing boats
  • Water sports boats: diving, racing, surfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, etc.
Buying a yacht: analyzing your budget

The financial question is important when buying a yacht. Moreover, it is a real investment and not a simple acquisition.
You should know that buying a yacht involves many costs beyond the price of the boat. To your budget must be added the additional costs including:

  • Insurance
  • Inspections
  • Various mooring fees
  • Maintenance costs and the price of maintenance

Depending on your budget, it is important to choose between a worn-out boat that requires more repairs and therefore more expenses, and a new boat.

Buying a yacht: why not rent it first?

Not overestimating your abilities and financial situation is fundamental to buying a yacht. In fact, you can make a mistake in defining the size of the yacht to buy and its price if you overestimate. The best solution would be to rent a yacht first.

Renting allows you to try out different boats that will inspire your preference in terms of yachting and determine your final purchase decision. You can also take a sailing trip on a chartered vessel.

For a first experience, it is preferable to rent a yacht, with or without VAT to ensure its management. Moreover, in most cases, a boat buyer will have rented one for a long time before buying. This allows you to compare different types of boats, brands and engines and make the best choice in the end.

Buying a yacht: what type of yacht to choose?

If the luxury lifestyle of a yacht appeals to you, consider buying one. Whether you prefer a new or pre-owned yacht, make a worthwhile investment by browsing Jerome Courville's listings. He can assist you in building a custom line yacht, adapted to your needs.

Choosing a superyacht

The superyacht belongs to the highest class of vessels. It is 40 to 60 meters long. It requires a larger crew or team to operate it and therefore a slightly larger budget to acquire it.

Focus on a mega-yacht

The mega-yacht, on the other hand, is exceptionally large, measuring more than 60 meters in length and width considered a real home to live in permanently thanks to its huge cabins.

Good to know: The use of tenders as lifeboats in case of damage or to disembark on land for the discovery of a cove is also requested.

Where to find a yacht that meets your expectations?

After defining the type or model of yacht you want to buy, the budget and the period you are going to spend on it, look for the best yacht for sale advertisement.

The best way to do this is to search the Internet. On the web, you will see a plethora of yachts for sale through a broker or private owner on various sites. But, don't forget to set aside time to actually visit the boats. Take a tour of a marina aboard the vessel and try before you buy, with or without a guide. Of course, trying to get to know the ship better, its year of construction, the condition of the hull, the maximum speed, the maximum load related to the draft... and helps avoid problems during the trip. Moreover, the sellers of new or used yachts often arrange a sailing test for you.

To live your passion to the fullest and to explore diversity, opt for the motor yachts and sailing yachts available for sale or charter on Jérôme Courville's website. Take advantage of a fleet of luxury yachts offered by its international partner. You should also know that with this professional, you can make private investments for your company.

Therefore, here are some tips for buying a boat:

  1. Take sailing lessons, whether you are going to charter or buy a yacht or sailboat. The idea is to know how to deal with wind, waves, currents, uncertain weather or congested traffic before you set sail.
  2. The boating safety certificate is essential and attests to your completion of an accredited course and your legal permission to operate a motorboat.
  3. Consider the boating license in France depending on the type of yacht you want to buy and the length of time you will be sailing on the water or at sea: a coastal license, a deep-sea license, an inland water license, a pleasure boat license.

Currently available for Sale

Some examples of opportunities available for sale

Motor yacht
85m built 2011/2019

7 guest cabins(14 pax).
Max speed 17 knots, cruising 12,5.
Crew 25.
Réf: VAL

Motor yacht
84m built 2021

7 guests cabins (19 pax).
Max speed 16.5 knots, cruising 13.
Crew 28.
Ref: ICO

Motor yacht
62m built 2009

6 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 17 knots, cruising 15.
Crew 16.
Ref: SEA

Motor yacht
44.17m built 2007/2019

5+1 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 26 knots, cruising 20.
Ref: BLI

Motor yacht
72m built 2018

6 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 17.5 knots, cruising 15.
Crew 18.
Ref: SOL

Currently available for Rent

Some examples of opportunities available for renting

Sailing yacht
88m built 2006/2016

6 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 18 knots.
Crew 19.
Ref: MFA

Motor yacht
73.2 m built 2006/2014

7 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 18 knots.
Crew 24.
Ref: LAU

Motor yacht
50.91m built 2010/2015

6 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 21 knots, cruising 13.5.
Ref: SKY

Motor yacht
68m Built 2010/17

6 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 17 knots, cruising 14.5.
18 crew.
Ref: SYC

Motor yacht
60.34m refit 2016-2018

7 guests cabins (12 pax).
Max speed 21 knots, cruising 16.
Crew 15.
Ref: MIA


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