How to invest your money
in private investments?



Private investment is a type of investment that is currently in vogue. It is mostly for people who are not in the public sector. Private investment involves the acquisition of property and assets that will generate profits in the future. This type of investment is not guaranteed, but can lead to losses. That is why it is useful to choose well the field in which to invest your money, in order to benefit from investment returns in a later period.

What is a private investment?

Private investments are mainly investments of households, i.e. purchases of houses, and investments of companies. In the case of a company, making a private investment means putting capital into production.

Private investment is generally classified into productive investment and intangible investment. The productive investments are related to everything that is material or tangible such as machinery, while the intangible investments are oriented in: capital payments for research and development, for training, purchase of license, etc.

Private investment is classified according to the time in which the expected benefit of the paid capital is returned.

  • If the time period is one year, the investment is short-term.
  • If the period is between one and five years, it is medium term.
  • If the period is more than 5 years, it is a long-term investment.

Depending on the investment horizon, the expected profit in relation to the amount invested will vary. The profit can also vary according to the country, whether in France or elsewhere, because the rate is different according to the country and the sector.

How to invest your money in the private sector?

Financial investment in the private sector has many advantages. To take advantage of these benefits, a few rules must be followed.

Keeping savings aside

For any investor, it is always important to save. Indeed, it is a kind of precaution for any unforeseen event that could occur, in case of breakdown for example. It is preferable not to invest the money needed in the short term or the one to live.

The savings in a classic passbook in parallel with the investments should never be neglected and should be fed every month.

Set specific objectives

Private investment exists in many different types, with specific characteristics for each yield, tax system or investment horizon. Well-defined objectives will help determine the type of investment that is right for each investor.

In order to set your goals, you should consider the estimated time frame for investing your money, whether it is for one year, five years or years.

Create your investor profile

Once you have defined your goals, you need to establish an investment strategy that will match your investor profile. To create an investor profile, you must take into account your professional and financial situation, your level of financial knowledge and your risk appetite. These criteria will be added to the objective set and the investment horizon chosen.

Getting support for private investments

Getting started in private equity is not always easy. Beginning investors often imagine themselves sitting in front of the computer all day, following the stock market price or rate. In fact, private investing has nothing to do with it. For beginners, it is possible to be accompanied and let the investments be managed by the experts. In this case, no time is wasted. In addition, you will be able to get advice on asset management.

Investing little by little

To enter the private investment market, there is no good or bad time. The date of entry is not the most important. In order to take advantage of the market, the entry point must be smoothed out. Instead of making a one-time investment, you can do so gradually by making an initial capital contribution and then making regular payments.

Staying the course with your investment strategy

While there may be ups and downs in the investment market, it is important not to withdraw capital before the end of the investment horizon. Investing, especially private investing, has its ups and downs. So even if stock prices are falling, the investment is still worthwhile. Expert advice can always be useful in this case, so as not to give in to panic.

What to invest in privately?

Private investments can be made in several areas. With Jérôme Courville, you have several ideas for private investments that will allow you to generate high returns, depending on your investment horizon.

Equity Raise - creative digital agent

This agent represents independent creative talent located around the world. It includes:

  • Digital makers;
  • Influencers;
  • Videographers;
  • Photographers;
  • Sound creators;
  • Artists;
  • Creative innovators;
  • Metavers and blockchain experts.

This booming business is a real innovation in the market. Investing in this digital field allows to make interesting profits, as it is constantly evolving and has an international dimension.

Capital raising project – Switzerland

This project aims to raise funds to produce medical cannabis that will be used to improve public health. With the goal of improving the quality of life for everyone, investing in this field will help you earn income in the short or long term.

Private Banking

Investing in private banking allows you to acquire a private bank or an asset manager.

Acquisition in Wealth Management

By investing in this field, you can become a competitor of an international private bank in Paris. If you are an asset manager or an independent wealth manager looking for external growth and acquisition, this investment is for you.

Financing and credit solutions

If you are looking for financing for your real estate, financial assets or other real estate assets such as jets, yachts or any other type of work of art and luxury item, you can benefit from a research and advisory service that will serve as financing solutions for your projects according to your investor profile.

Beautiful Wine Cellar

This private investment domain is in charge of selling a cellar of several thousand bottles of wine. Purchases are made only on allocation or via merchants.


You can make private investments in real estate by investing in hotels in Switzerland, Monaco or Bordeaux.

Capital Raise

This project of fund raising for a company in Switzerland allows you to increase your capital. Investors will be able to make a very interesting profit, as it is estimated at + 800% by the year 2023.

Residential investment

For private investors, this opportunity to invest in real estate in Gstaad, Switzerland is unique.


Executive Homes: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity in the UK

UK-based new-build development investment opportunity. 4 x 5 bedroom executive "green" homes. Highly experienced and credible developer with over 25 years of experience and £150m+ of projects delivered to date. He has built houses for CEOs, business owners, and professional athletes.

Interested in booking a private jet?

Our partner specialises in the worldwide hire of private jets, VIP airliners, helicopters, cargo, and medevac aircraft for over 30 years.

Wellbeing & Floating Spa

Wellbeing & Floating Spa YOUR UNIQUE SPA EXPERIENCE IN GENEVA FOR REGENERATION AND CUTTING-EDGE PERFORMANCE Discover our unique wellness center in the heart of...

Experienced Fiduciaire Member of Fiduciaire Suisse, quality label

Are you looking for a Fiduciaire with strong expertise in corporate accounting and taxes with a network of expert tax advisors in Switzerland and abroad to optimise your personal and/or company’s taxes with a proactive, dynamic, and human approach? 

Financing and Credit Solutions

Are you looking to finance your real estate, financial assets, and other real assets such as jets, yachts, art, and luxury collections?

Investment projects

Vineyard Property - France

› Region : Pomerol, Libourne, Saint-Emilion › Designation : AOC Pomerol › Total surface planted with vines : ? Around 8 hectares of vines planted with the designation Pomerol ? Around 1 hectare of vines with the designation Lalande de Pomerol

Equity Raise Project - Switzerland

STO (Security Tokens Offering). Covering the full value chain, the AG will produce medical cannabis and deliver the unique cannabis-based medicines to improve public health.

Acquisition in Private Bank

International Private Bank looking to acquire a private bank or an external asset manager in Geneva - the introduction of opportunities.

Acquisition in Wealth Management

An international private bank in Paris is looking to acquire competitors. CGPs and Independent Asset Managers looking for external growth and acquisition.

Beautiful Wine Cellar

Sale of a cellar of + 4 000 bottles / Grands crus, all formats combined. Purchases were made on allocations or through French wine merchants, no purchases at auction or from private individuals.

Equity Raise

Equity Raise project for a Fintech corporation in Switzerland - Our client has developed a fully adaptable hybrid blockchain that outperforms traditional blockchains in speed (average 4.5 seconds), flexibility and costs.

Residential Investment

Boutique Apartments Residence Gstaad Valley. Unique Investment opportunity for Single Family Offices or HNWI / Private Investors.


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